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Motorsport, go kart racing action, and challenging yourself

Image by kepmes from Pixabay

I was going as fast as I dare. Seatbelts holding me tight in my seat, straining against the invisible cornering forces trying their best to eject me sideways. Millimetres above the rough bitumen, the sensation of speed was amplified. My kart, emblazoned with the number 32, was right on the…

In a distant galaxy, Cador’s resolve remains strong even after his clumsiness.

View from the battle station as it hurtles through space. Photo by Casey Horner on Unsplash

Thwack! A sharp audible thud filled the air as the helmet made contact with the metal door frame. The sound was amplified, reverberating off the multitude of cold, flat metallic surfaces making up the space station.

It took a moment for Cador to register what had just happened. The sharp…

From a dad that’s walked in his wife’s shoes, telling you there is a silver lining

The parenting journey ahead seems hard when you are yet to take the first step. Photo by yang miao on Unsplash

My wife and I are both career-driven people, but not the kind where our kids are a burden. The decision for either of us to take long baby leave was not easy. For our first child, we were very stereotypical. My wife just took as much leave as she could…

No pressure, but coach is about to put me in the game to replace the star quarterback!

Image curtesy of Dusko Mack

As the day drew nearer, more friends asked me about how I felt. “Are you looking forward to it?”, some would ask. “You look excited, getting close now!”, others would announce. At this stage, several months had gone by since I announced to my work colleagues, friends and family about…

Hard times eroded my bond with my second baby boy, being there full time will help me rebuild them

I struggled to bond with my second baby boy in the first few months after birth. A story that was not uncommon for working dads I know and have chatted with. At least for the few that were comfortable to admit to it. …

A practical approach to get you away from the office and living more of your life

If you work in an office environment, I’m sure you can recall often saying to yourself that you will finish work on time today. An hour or more later you’re still at work! There is always that little bit extra that needs doing, or time just runs away from you…

Thinking of putting your career on hold to be primary care giver of your kids? There is a lot to consider, but if you can, just do it!

Image curtesy of Dusko Mack

Can I whole heartedly answer that right now? This story is the start of my journey, it’s the lead up to day zero, the first day of the 18 weeks leave from work to be primary care giver of my 2 boys. An 8 month old and a 4 and…

The story of my decision journey to be the primary care giver of our 2 boys

The joy of being a dad, doesn't get better than this. Image by Dusko Mack

Leading up to my paternity leave, work colleagues and friends would readily say, “so… how long till your holiday starts, hey?” followed by something like, “you lucky so and so...”.

It took a bit of effort to stop from rolling my eyes. My eldest was 4 years old and the…

Dusko Mack

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